Clarke Computer Systems, Inc.
132 West 127th Street
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212-222-1780
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  • Networking

    Share data and resources
    within your organization
    and remotely.
  • Android Apps

    Custom apps for Android devices.
  • Custom Software

    Custom applications
    desktop, handheld or web based.
  • Database

    Harness the power and speed of an
    elegantly designed modern
    relational database.
  • Web Design

    Professional website design
    with creative use of technology.

  • Training

    Get users up to speed.
We can install and support your new computer network or support your existing network and desktop computers.

  • We can provide your new Network
  • We can support your existing Network
  • Server support
  • Desktop support
  • Share files, printers, Internet, Email
  • Plan for the future
  • Software install and training
  • Remote desktop services
  • Wiring
  • Custom software solutions
  • Secure and protect your data
  • High speed cost effective Internet